Monday, February 27, 2012

Spring is coming!!

I just got back to London after a quick visit to Prague. And in the few short days I was gone it seems like spring has made its way to London! I really feel like this year winter never came.. London winters 
definitely cannot compare to Canada. But I'm not complaining! I cannot wait for summer already!
I'm happy spring is here so I can wear my leather jackets without freezing outside!!
Since it was such nice weather we decided to spend our Sunday in Hyde Park. 
Tomorrow I'm back to work... but hopefully I'll find some time to make some new posts! 
xx N.

Pinko Leather Jacket
Zara Feather Vest
Forever 21 Black Tank Top
Zara Grey Jeans
Miu Miu Shoes
Prada Bag
Ray Ban Glasses
Accessorize Butterfly Necklace from my sister


  1. Nice photos!

  2. You have nice blog and nice smile ;))

  3. cute!!!


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