Sunday, July 24, 2011


I have been here in Sardinia for the past week, and I'll be staying for another 6 days. Its been really hard to get online, since the internet in the hotel doesn't really work. So I haven't been able to write any new posts. I realized this is a major issue for fashion bloggers. Updating your blog regularly is necessary if you want to have a successful blog, but when you're traveling, it can be a little difficult sometimes...

I really love it here though. The warm weather allows me to wear all my favorite summer clothes! This was an outfit that I wore to dinner the other night. I knew we were going out after
dinner so I wanted to make sure it was nice yet casual so I'd feel comfortable dancing around it in. I'm also wearing my new black Ray Bans I bought the other day, which I love!

Hopefully I'll be able to get online soon again so I can post something new!! xx
- N.

Friday, July 15, 2011

"Fish and chips please!"

Since we were lucky enough to find our new apartment in London on our first day there, we spent the next two days just walking around the city. We went to many different cafes, restaurants, and British pubs. Basically all we did for the next two days was eat and drink! 
One of our first stops was Aubaine at Selfridges..which was a very sweet stop! :)

And of course we hit up the traditional British pubs, for some fish and chips, beer, and Pimm's! For the fact that we were in London for only three days we tried out quite a few restaurants and bars.. and we were pretty pleased with all of them. 

Finally..our last hours before our flight back to Prague we spent at the Dei Frescobaldi wine bar in Harrods. Definitely a good way to spend our last moments in London!

Overall we had a really successful trip and we can't wait to finally move to London!

(My boyfriends debut on my blog!)

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Apartment hunting...

So Wednesday was the first day of our three day trip to London. We came to London to find an apartment. It was three long days! But we succeeded! We found the cutest, most amazing apartment, and of course it also happened to be the very first one we saw! So the ones we saw after that just couldn't measure up. And after taking part in a bidding war that lasted close to 24 hours, we finally won and got the apartment! We're so excited about it! :)

Since we were going from one apartment to another I had to wear comfortable shoes.. However even my Converse weren't so comfy anymore after walking the streets of London all day long! :S

Sunday, July 10, 2011

A little touch of pink

I have been gone this past week, on a little vacation with my boyfriend and some friends of ours. It was a lovely week! Unfortunately I didn't have internet access so I couldn't publish any new posts. I realized that this can be an issue for a lot of fashion bloggers. Constant internet access is definitely a necessity for bloggers!

These photos are from a little over a week ago. I decided to add a touch of pink (a color I usually don't wear) to my outfit that day. I realized I actually like experimenting with color! 
I got these pink skinny jeans in Zara a couple weeks ago and I love them.
The flowery mary-janes are from Forever 21, and I think they make an interesting addition to an otherwise simple outfit :)

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