Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Feather vest

The weather in London has been surprisingly good! It hasn't been raining too much, and it's been fairly warm. I was even able to go out in just a sweater and a vest! So I quickly took advantage of that and wore my feather vest from Zara which I bought more than a month ago and haven't had the chance to wear yet. So I was happy to finally put it to use!
I wish you a great week!! 

xx N.

Zara Feather Vest
Zara Studded Boots
Topshop Sweater
Versace Bag
Guess Leggings
Ring from my sister


  1. Vesta i boty jsou prostě dokonalé. Naprosto skvělý outfit a moc ti to na fotkách sluší.:))

    Vest and shoes are just perfect. Absolutely great outfit and you're such beautiful in the photos.:))


  2. Já hlasuju pro tašku a boty. Ty jsou vážně skvělý. :) Sluší ti to.


  3. nádherný outfit,a dokonalá kabelka♥


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