Friday, December 16, 2011

Winter Wonderland!

So the other day I spent my very deserved day off at Winter Wonderland! We had a great time! I felt like a kid again! :) We drank mulled wine, ate churros, went on rides, played carnival games :) was a nice break from reality!
My boyfriend even won me a cute little stuffed Santa toy! `
If you're in London this winter, I definitely recommend you drop by Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park!
There's even an ice skating rink :)

Yesterday I bought myself a little special early Christmas present... ;) will post it here soon!
xx N.


  1. Very nice blog.I read your article about fashion blog and I find your blog is really nice :)

  2. Thank you!!
    Dekuji moc!!
    Jsem moc rada ze se ti libil clanek! :)
    Vesele Vanoce!


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