Thursday, September 8, 2011

Back in Prague...

So I'm back in Prague now but just for a couple of days... I came to take care of some last minute things and see my boyfriend who hasn't been able to join me in London just yet. 
It was fairly nice weather so we decided to go walk around the city and go have some sushi for lunch! I decided to finally wear my Urban Outfitters felt hat which I bought a couple months ago and haven't worn yet. I also bought this new chunky knit sweater at Zara the other day, and its quickly becoming one of my favorite pieces. You can match it with almost anything! and its super comfortable :)

After lunch we walked around the city a little more, and then went to have a couple drinks and enjoy the nice weather. I'll be heading back to London in 2 days... I'll miss Prague, but I'm also excited to be back in London! xx


Zara sweater
Zara skirt
Miu Miu bag
Urban Outfitters hat
Ray Ban glasses

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